Missing Persons

"The disappeared person is the person absent from his habitual residence without known or apparent reason, whose existence is a cause for concern or whose new residence is ignored, leading to the search in the interest of his own safety and on the basis of family or social interest ".

(Council of Europe, 2009)




If you are facing an event that is related to the disappearance of a family member or a close person or an acquaintance, do not hesitate to report it to the Security Forces as soon as possible.

By reporting the facts in the shortest possible time, from the knowledge of the disappearance, will allow the first police actions aimed at locating the missing person in the most effective way possible.

Therefore, before a disappearance do not hesitate the police, through the State Security Forces and Bodies personally, or by calling the following telephones respectively:

• Civil Guard: 900 101 062

• National Police: 900 100 091


In those cases in which you know of the disappearance of a person, it is recommended, and it is important, that you take into account the following issues:

  • It is not necessary to wait 24 hours to file the complaint.
  • However, before submitting the complaint, and in order to prove the disappearance, conduct a first search at the address or place where the disappeared person was last seen. In this way, it can be determined that the person is not hidden, unable to have suffered a fall, be injured, or for other reasons, especially in cases of minors and elderly.
  • The complaint must be filed with the police unit closest to the place where you have knowledge of the disappearance of a person.
  • Help the police investigators for the corresponding investigation, have at least the following information:

Name, last name and date of birth of the disappeared person.

  • Day, time and place where the disappearance occurred or was last seen.
  • Physical description (height, weight, color of hair and eyes, etc.), and clothing (clothing, jewelry, glasses or other items), which was worn at the time of disappearance or a recent photograph.
  • If you suffer from neurodegenerative diseases, chronic diseases, or present a disability (Psychic, Physical, Sensory, Intellectual or Mental), or lack of autonomy, (advanced age, difficulty of displacement, physical deficiency, medical problems, etc.).
  • If you follow medical treatment or must take medications that are vital to your existence.

At any time, either during the filing of the complaint or later, for this you must provide a recent photograph of the missing person.

The alert will be published once it is verified that sufficient information is available to issue a warning message, and will remain published until the police investigation on the location of the missing person is completed.

  • Guidance and attention to families
  • Disappearance of Elders (Triptych)
  • Disappearance of Elderly (Poster)
  • Attention, Protection and Orientation to Families of Missing Persons (Printable brochure)
  • Missing Major Tab


The first moments of the disappearance are fundamental. REMEMBER, start the search immediately by inspecting all the spaces in the house and adjacent places such as gardens and storage rooms.

DO NOT FORGET that the elderly who disappear are usually found in areas of difficult places, such as ditches, abrupt roads, fences, etc ... since, given their physical condition, these obstacles become insurmountable. After a quick initial search, DENOUNCE the disappearance in the National Police (091) or in the Civil Guard (062). DO NOT WAIT, the first hours are fundamental. CONTRIBUTE to the Police and the Civil Guard all the information of the "Major Search Disappeared" card11 and the recent photograph of the person.



The Security Forces will report on the existence of public and private entities, and associations that offer psychological, legal and other support to the relatives of missing persons. Thus, for example, it should be oriented on: In the Ministry of Justice, there are Offices for Assistance to Victims of Crimes (OAV), as a public and free service implemented in accordance with Law 35/1995 of December 11, of aid and assistance to victims of violent crimes and against sexual freedom. Family members or acquaintances, people who complain about the disappearance of a person, can therefore go to these FVO. Other RESOURCES will be reported to provide legal, welfare, social, regional, and local social services available, as well as entities of the Third Social Sector existing in each specific area, and depending on the place where the disappearance of the person took place.


At the national level, the following entities can be highlighted: 

ANAR FOUNDATION (minors) www.anar.org

INTER-SOS www.inter-sos.com 

QSDGLOBAL www.qsdglobal.com 

 SOS DESAPARECIDOS www.sosdesparecidos.com


Citizen collaboration is essential to combat terrorism and organised crime, for this reason if you have knowledge, indication or suspicion of activities that could be related to this type of crime, please contact us through the Guardia Civil or National Police, calling the following telephones respectively:

• Guardia  Civil: 900 100 062

• National Police: 900 100 091

Citizen collaboration - http://www.interior.gob.es/web/servicios-al-ciudadano/colaboracion-ciudadana

If you wish to collaborate with the State Security Forces, you can also do so through the following websites:

·         Civil Guard - http://www.guardiacivil.es/es/index.html

·         National Police - https://www.policia.es/

You can also collaborate by calling the telephone number of the Information Service of the State Administration (060) or through its website: http://administracion.gob.es/


Alerta Desaparecido: https://cndes-web.ses.mir.es/publico/Desaparecidos/


Stop Radicalismos: http://www.interior.gob.es/es/web/servicios-al-ciudadano/plan-estrategico-nacional-de-lucha-contra-la-radicalizacion-violenta/colaboracion-ciudadana1