Our Services

At our office in Playa Flamenca we can offer a range of helpful and important services for our Icelandic clients whether you are on vacation in Spain or residing here. 

By law, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) provides Consular Services to aid and protect Icelandic citizens abroad. Advice regarding preparation for travel is available on the Foreign Ministry website, e.g. on visa requirements, passport validity, and checklists for travel. In case of heightened risks in a specific area, information is quickly released through social media platforms.

These services can be accessed 24/7 by phone: 00354 545 0 112 at the Ministry, in 25 embassies and 230 Honorary Consulates abroad:

Who do we serve?

The assistance of Consular services is available to all Icelandic citizens. However, services may be restricted, when a person who has dual citizenship, encounters problems within the other state where he is a citizen.


What The Consular Services DO:

·         Applications for an Icelandic passport can be processed in 25 embassies.

·         Issue emergency passports in both embassies and consulates.

·         Verify (Apostille) Icelandic documents at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

·         Assist in resolving cases related to accidents, illness or death.

·         Assist in approaching relatives and friends in emergencies.

·         Assist in seeking medical help abroad.

·         Assist with finding a lawyers and interpreters abroad.

·         Provide basic information on the legal system and governance in relevant countries.

·         Assistance related to communication with prisoners and their families.

·         Facilitate the transfer of funds from Iceland in cases of emergency.

·         Disaster relief and facilitation.

·         Provide guidance in civil matters, e.g. regarding the abduction of children, custody disputes, citizenship etc.


What the Consular services DON´T Do: 

·         Cover costs for individual emergencies of Icelandic citizens abroad.

·         Provide legal advice or act as a lawyer.

·         Pay for lawyers and interpreters or costs of litigation.

·         Interfere in decisions and handling of cases by foreign authorities.

·         Translate foreign documents.

·         Provide information to unauthorized persons regarding individual cases.

·         Exchange currency or perform other banking issues, including bank loans.

·         Book flight tickets or hotels nor take care of visas, residence or work permits.

·         Provide housing or intermediate with landlords abroad.

Major Emergency Response

In case of  natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or wars, the Consular Services activate contingency plans to ensure the rapid response of the ministry's staff, diplomatic missions and consulates.

We employ social media to quickly reach and locate Icelandic citizens in the affected area, give advise to ensure their safety and when appropriate, bring them to safety.

In the event of a major incident, the feasibility of evacuation is evaluated.